Tuesday, October 28, 2014

10/27/14 My second week as senior comp

Last monday I bought monopoly, so now we play monopoly on Pdays. and Today is the birthday of one of the other elders in my district so I think we´re gonna buy him a cake haha. MOM dont worry if like 15 bucks disappear from my account.

So the highlights from this week!
A little boy from a less active family that we just reactivated chose me to baptize him! That was awesome! It was a super spiritual experience, and it felt really good to be able to get my feet a little wet after about 5 months without being in the font! His name is Emilio Gael Rivera Mora. Hes 8 so it wasnt a mission baptism, but it was still awesome!

Later his mom made us a bunch of rice and chicken. Mexican style. Sooo good.

Also Wednesday night we got a surprise call from one of our investigators named Adrian... at 1:30 AM. He told us that he needed to talk and was outside of our neighborhood. So we went out to meet him in our sweatpants and soccer jerseys and talked out there under the street light for a bit. 
He was sooooo wasted. He started rambling about him and his mother in law drinking together and later the were washing dogs together and then a little girl showed up and told them that her dad hit her, but then later it wasnt her dad it was someone else, so like all good people they invited her in to eat cereal with them, and he was jsut really really drunk haha. I guess his wife saw that he was drunk and got ticked and then he got mad because she was mad and he like ran out of the house with his guitar and a bag filled with his most precious items. One of them was his Book of Mormon (booyah)

So we invited him into our house and we all sat and talked for about 3 hours. Finally he calmed down and sobered up a bit an dwent home. The next day we taught him the word of wisdom and he said that he was never going to drink again. He was super embarrased ha. He came to church again this sunday and should be baptized within the next three weeks! As well as another investigator that we have, so we should be having two more baptismz this transfer! Im soooo stoked! Things are finally all falling together here in Juarez!

We also got to meet some really great new investigators, two of which accepted to be baptized and committed to coming to church and everything. Im really stoked for that too.

I really focused on being more confident this week and trying to let the Lord and Spirit guide me. I know its been helping me, and while im definitely not perfect, Im getting better every day.

I love you all so much!
Have a good week!
Elder Harrison

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