Tuesday, October 28, 2014

9/11/14 splits, daipers, and a normal gym

This week I got to go on splits with an elder from benton city! that was awesome.
My companion decided to put a diaper on his head too. that was awesome.
and today we found a church with a normal american style basketball court in it! that was awesome
youre all awesome.

Hoooolaaa Family!!
Sooo the highlights from this week!
A sister in the ward told us that in a walmart in Texas they were selling the Iphone 5 for 99 cents! We were super bumemd that she didnt buy us one haha.
I also realized that im toootally losing my hair haha. Im going to start having hair like dad pretty soon with the middle still intact but the sides slowly rising up haha.
Also a bit of a sad note, the old guy that I baptized, Gorgonio, died about a month ago. The Elders there didnt even tell me, even though I see them all the time. I was pretty ticked at them, but I got them back when I told president that they went to the Circus, so thats ok haha.
I was thinking back to when we wereteaching him and I realized that Heavenly Father preserved him for the perfect amount of time. His health stabilized as we were teaching him, and then after he was baptized and confirmed it started dropping again and he passed away. His mind was not in a state in which he could recieve the blessings of the temple, so I think this is actually the fastest way for him to recieve all the blessings of the gospel. In a year I will be able to take his name to the temple and finish the work that I started with him.
Also I know for a fact that he´s totally in paradise right now without all of the pains that he constantly felt, so Im at peace with the whole situation.
So thats that.
One night this passed week my companion and I were contacting and I said that if we contacted 10 more people Id buy campechanas, which are really big tacos, and then we saw that a family was home that wed been trying to visit for a few weeks. My comp gave me the choice between tacos and a lesson. I said that I think we could have both. As we walked into the house, the family asked us if we wanted campechanas and took us out to buy some for us.
I totally prophecied haha.
So I had the opportunity to go on splits with Elder Leavitt yesterday! Hes from Benton city in Washington and we actually are from the same generation in the MTC! So thats awesome to have him in the district. Hes really funny and we had a great time working together and taught some really good lessons!
We went to the temple this morning, because of bus problems we arrived late and werent able to get into the session. thus we did initiatories and I actually really  enjoyed it. I got to do some names from holland! It was funny hearing the mexican temple workers trying to pronounce the names. Also one of the workers there has a grandson serving in Kennewick! that was random haha. but cool. His name is JJ evans, or something like that. The worker is actually from Provo and is serving his mission here in the temple. Way cool.
Anywho it was a good week! I enjoyed it and Ill talk to you all on monday! Also I complete nine months this coming week soo... yeah thats neat haha.
Love you all!
Elder Harrison

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