Tuesday, October 28, 2014

9/15/14 Hooooolaaaa

So in the weekend between my last letter and this one some awesome stuff went down.
First on thursday and friday it decided not to be hot anymore! So im now wearing my warm pants, which in the 6 months of unuse have gotten surprisingly large. Like Its time for new clothes because with my recent loss of weight, everything fits large haha. I totally wear medium size shirts now. Which is a miracle because I think ive been a large since like 7th grade,
But yeah its like cold now soo... thats awesome haha.
On thursday we found a part member family that moved to our area about 2 months ago. They are SOOOO Golden!! The mom is the only member. Her daughter, whos 12, totally wants to be baptized. And I guess the missionaries in her old area were teaching her but werent letting her be baptized! They said she needed to have like a rock solid testimony of everything before being baptized. Im like, how can they get a rock solid testimony if they dont have the gift of the holy ghost, She´ll be a thousand times more converted if she gets baptized not knowing anything than if she waits to know all the doctrinal points and to have a testimony of everything. Some missionaries are just tooo afraid to baptize people. There is like never an instance in which baptizm is not a blessing to the people, even if the people do it for the wrong reasons, it allows God to start working on them harder by way of the spirit.
Some missionaries. pfft.
Anywho, so we brought her to church with us last sunday and she loved it! She was already making friends and got invited to a bunch of activities that shes planning on going to this week with the other kids in the ward.
If only adults would fellowship investigators like kids do, we would baptize all of Mexico.
She like came up to us and begged us to bring her back on saturday to an ettiquete dinner thing for the youth. We felt like her parents haha. super funny. We said yes ha. There will be food so we shall be taking advantage of that haha.
We also started meeting some other new families and so im excited to see what happens with them! We scored 7 new investigators this week, and really surprised our district leader. He didnt believe me when I said the number and he made me count off all their names haha. I think we are having the most new investigators in the district.  
But yeah that was awesome! My companion has 4 weeks left and we´re working like crazy people to make sure he ends it well! Im thinking we can reach the norms of exellency by his last week here. 
Contact contact contact!! Its funny, in my old area we would talk to about 140 people in the street every week, and we had like no investigators, but here we talked to 8 people... and we have like 20 investigators haha.
Also this friday Elder Pieper from the first seventy came and held zone conferences with all the zones in the mission. He gave us some great insights and we all got to talk to him and shake his hand. He actually served here too! and when he served here they had cars! He was also here with President Pulsipher, our stake president from back home! so thats pretty cool haha.
He taught us how we need to let the investigators answer their own questions and not just give them the answers. and how we can find the secret questions that the people are asking us by little things that they say. In all it was really cool. When he shook my hand he looked like right into my eyes and I felt like my whole soul was being interviewed haha, It was cool. I wanna have awesome eye powers like that too.
Anywho... not really much else happened this weekend! We finally have money again so we can finally go buy food! hahaha. weve been starving for the past week because we used all our money to buy stuff.. I bought an awesome Tigres soccer jersey.. so worth being hungry for a week haha.
Also!! Everyone send me your shirt sizes! including the sizes of Evie, Adalynn and Bryan. aaand maybe even the grandparents too. 
anyways, I love you all! Have a good week!
Elder Harrison

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