Thursday, April 24, 2014

4-21-2014 Disweek #idontthinkitsactuallymilk

Soooo this week was good.
We got invited to a big Santa Cena Celebration on monday by the testigos de jehova. So we went to be respectful, and because our president told us to start going to meet the other pastors and people from other religions to build friendship between the religions. 
That was super weird. If anyone wants to be unhappy forever, just be a testigo. They dont believe that theyre going to heaven, and so they dont take the santa cena, just pass it around so that people can look at it. They passed around like this nasty looking crunchy bread stuff, and actuall wine. I can see why nobody takes it. The Bread looked old and the wine smelled like a dead pig on a Mexican highway. Even if anyone wanted to, they wouldnt have been able to swallow any of it haha.
So yeah, we went to learn more about them, and we learned how to teach them now too, which is a plus, because everybody here is either a catholic, or a testigo de jehova. Or christian, but I think that just means that sometimes they go to church haha.
We focused a lot on contacting this week and had a lot of good ones. One thatll blow your mind, we were walking down the street and saying Buenas tardes to like everyone, when a family that was packing up their car to leave for vacaciones, which is like spring break, starting talking to us. One of their daughters is my age and she asked if we knew english, which I said yes, figuring that they were about to try to spit out some ugly 3rd grade english that they learned years ago, when she sked me where I ws from, in a perfect Pacific Northwest Accent. I hadnt heard it in so long that I recognized it. I said washington, and she said that they were from oregon! Like their whole family was from Oregon.
But heres the kicker, guess what city in Oregon they were from! Saaaalem! Same as Dad. So I was freaking out and I asked them if they knew dad, which they said no, but I also asked if they knew Brynn Lakey, who is a girl I met at college about a month before I left for the MTC, and she said yes! She went to highschool with her! She said her dad worked there for a long time, and just changed his job to a job up in Texas, so they moved here to Monterrey, and he commutes on a weekly basis. Sooo yeah that was awesome! I met someone from home! and were going to teach them in English, so im positive that something good will come of it.
I had splits this week too with Elder Bravo again. We had our last night of Noche de Valientes! and tried to order Pizza and campechanas to put on the pizza, but all the pizza places were closed, so we settled for two massive campechanas instead.
No baptisms yet. Our one that we had lined up like disappeared off the face of the planet, so hopefully he shows up sometime soon haha.
Also... Ill let you know in the coming weeks at what time ill be skyping home, but I think it might be best for you all to just sit at the computer all dy on mothers day haha. Because... sometimes were late.. and sometimes were early. Mexicans dont believe in exact time haha.
So yeah that was the week, Hopefully we´ll start having success sometime soon. We went to a baptism for a guy from the other Elders. So it was nice to see that someone has had success in the last few months haha.
Ok thats all!
Elder Harrison

Thursday, April 17, 2014

4/14/14 Anotha week of selfzz

So I climbed a mountain this week. That was pretty sick. and I found out that slurpees here are just not the same as in the good ole US.

That was a bummer.

Also.. Enjoy the tan lines haha

4/14/14 Semana semana semana

Hey there fambam
So this week was a big struggle.
All of our appointments fell through. It was hot. We walked like a thousand miles, and we argued with a testigo de Jehova. Freaking testigos.
However! This week was a great learning experience! I realized that I need to kinda suck it up when we dont have a good day and try anyways! So we had loooots of contacting time this week. and Im hoping that from that we´ll be able to find some people to teach from that. Because our supple of people to teach is dwindling.
I probably should have know that It was gonna be a tough week. I prayed for trials last sunday. I dont know why I keep doing that haha.
I gave a blessing to a woman in the word on monday or tuesday. It was cool doing it in spanish because I could feel when the lord was taking control because the spanish always got alot better. She has lots of problems with her feet and circulation or something, and so I blessed her to be healed by her faith. We talked to her at the end of the week and she said that she had gone to the doctor, and when he checked her feet he said that her circulation was perfect, and that it was a miracle. So yeah that was pretty cool to be a tool in the Lords hand.
I realized that its time for me to read the Old Testiment again, because all them pastores and masters of religion be trying to contend, and I know that I planch them right out with the old testiment.
We have an investigator that is going to invite his pastor on friday to meet with us. If we´re not able to make any progress with them then, then I think we´re going to drop them.
I climbed the Monterrey this morning. Monterrey means mountain king, and we done climbed the mountain this morning, so I think that makes me King of the Monterrey. Which makes me king of this mission right? Boom. 
Soooo it is hot here! and its just getting warmed up! I have no idea what im gonna do during the summer! Because I think that I just might die. I guess it sits at about 120 all summer. and in humidity with pants and a white shirt that makes it well.... alot more.
If anyone has anti heat remidies, that would be splendid!
We had interviews with our president on thursday, that was good, he just kinda asked if everything was good and had a companion interview where he set some goals for us and let us go.
However, his wife did buy me a box of costco chocolate chip cookies, which are currently sitting in the fridge awaiting thier time to be consumed. :D
Anywho, that was kinda it for this week! not alot of progress with investigators or really anything, but we´re trying!
Love you fam
Elder Harrison

4/7/14 Selfz

Sooo... I apologize for not senfing selfies... But I´ll repent and send more!
Elder Harrison

ps. also enjoy the pic of the really happy girl with the puppy.


4/1/14 Este Semana

So this week was great. At times a tad bit dificult because almost all of our plans and appointments fell through, but we had at least one good lesson everyday and that always made the day worth it!

So I forgot to write last week two big things that happened.
1. We had a ward conference last sunday and I was in the choir with the other missionaries. Which consists of Elder Keith, Elder Bravo, and I singing, while Elder Aguilar plays the violin with the piano. We had practiced together a bunch of times, and we have a new choir director that actually knew how to do choir stuff, so we were pretty pumped and knew that we sounded good.
Elder Keith and Elder Bravo left about 20 minutes before sacrament meeting started to go grab some investigators. What none of us knew was that we were going to sing to start off the meeting. So before they got back, the choir director told us all (all 5 of us. We had 4 sisters singing with us. Fun fact, one of them is trying to get into BYU Idaho for the next year.) to stand up. And they started playing the music. It was about this time that I realized that I was alone and I was gonna have to do the mens part by myself.
So I said a prayer, and I went Josh Groban on that stuff. Hollaaa haha. Totally nailed it.
2 minutes later the other elders walked in and we sang the rest of the songs for the meeting together.

2. Elder Quentin L Cook came to speak to us as a mission! I fasted for it to prepare myself, and the whole mission did the same. All of my prayers were answered by his words and the words of other mouthpieces of the Lord that accompanied him. Elder Tad R Callister was with him and blew our minds with some good doctrine about the Atonement. At this meeting was also the Reynosa mission, so I got to see Dallin Hunt from high school! It was awesome! He has about 10 months on me here and speaks rockin spanish. It was such a blessing to see such a good friend from high school so far away from home. Tender Mercies errday.

Soooo What were your favorite parts of conference? I got to watch it in English with a bunch of other Elders from America at our stake center. It was awesome to be with a bunch of gringos watching conference haha. English all around! I havent heard so much english in months!

I really loved the talk by Elder Oaks from the priesthood session, I would encourage you all to read it when it comes out. It talks about the priesthood and I believe that it can apply easily to men and women. Because everyone that is worthy to have the spirit has access to Priesthood Power. 

So yeah im super pumped from conference! So pumped in fact, that I was able to help an investigator that hadnt progressed in years, to start on the path to make the changes she needs to make. We´re going to hold a wedding for her in about a month so she can be baptized, and I shot Nefi 3:7 at her and told her that getting married and living the day of the sabbath was a commandment. So if she truly wants to live them, then God will provide a way and will support her. I told her it wont be easy and she may have to be strong with her boss at work, but it was time for her to stand up for what she believes and wants and do it! Because there is nothing more important in this life than the covenants that we can make at baptism and in the temple. The spirit was super strong and she committed to make the changes! 

This weekend we might have a baptism. Gorgonio is super old, and will agree to be baptized, but I think his brain is a little fried and doesnt quite know what baptism is. So we´re going to work with that and hopefully he is ready to take the step this saturday! If so there will be pictures to follow!

Also this week another woman had a dream about me. Shes a less active member and said she had a dream a few nights before where there was a man following her and she couldnt get him to leave as she went about her normal day, and she said that her daughter had seen her and asked her why she was always walkng around with satan. She tried telling her that she didnt want him to follow her but he wouldnt leave. She woke up and realized that she needed to go to church again.
But in the dream she said that she saw me and another Elder that looked kind of like me, tall and with glasses, walking down the sidewalk by Cruz Verde, which is like a clinic in our area. The spirit was strong when she was telling us about this, and she said that she had a dream before  Elder Ramirez (the elder before me) came to this area about him and then he got transfered here. So I´m thinking that after this transfer Im gonna be getting another companion whos tall like me and wears glasses. I´ll be training maybe? hopefully? We´ll seeeee.

So my spanish has taken off lately. The gift of Tongues has definitely been blessing me. I´ve been praying to forget english too, so my english has steadily been getting worse. Which is fine because I dont really need it right now anyways haha. I guess you´ll have to tell me next month for mothers day over skype!

Also, if you cant all be together, can we get some kind of multi person skype thing going? like a conference call? Cuz that would be awesome :)

Oooh in between sessions of Gconf we went out contacting, and I had a super great contact with this couple that was filling up their water jugs at a water station here. The spirit was strong and was definitely helping the words come from my mouth. I testified to them that God had a purpose for them and that we can realize this purpose by making covenants with Him. I then told them that We were going to invite them to be baptized and we were going to baptize them so that they could recieve the blessings of the Lord in their lives. I even brought up the custom that they have here of baptizing little kids, and I told them that was false because all that kids want are dulces. It was awesome and they were super receptive and wanted to learn more.

So yeah that was awesome.

Anywho that was kinda my week! Just loving it up and getting better everyday! Love you all and I hope you have good weeks! Feel free to send me American Cnady in the mail!

Love Elder Harrison

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March 31, 2014 Working hard. Sweating like a pig, preaching the gospel

Hey fam. Soooo not really much happened in between last thursday and now. We got another baptism date for five weeks for now. So im hoping thatll all work out.

Im still doing good. Working hard. Sweating like a pig, preaching the gospel, ya know the usual.

We had a cool experience with an investigator the other day.  He told us how his dad was in the hospital and thats why he looked so tired and stuff. So we shared some scriptures with him about the next life, and then I bore my testimony of the atonement to him. I then told him that he needed to offer a special prayer and just tell heavenly father everything that had been going on. He asked, now? and I said yeah now. So we went into his house and said a prayer with him that he offered. It was a super good prayer and he just said all the things he was greatful for in his life and for the time he had with his dad and parents before they passed away. We invited him to baptism and he said he wanted to but he didnt feel prepared for it right now. So we´re going to prepare him and baptize him. boooyah! I´m finally starting to feel like a big kid missionary haha. Like I have enough spanish to teach and I can really tell when people want to progress or not. I love it.

So yeah not much else happened. Just sad that I cant access my pics and trying to figure out what to do.

Love you all!
Elder Harrison