Tuesday, October 28, 2014

10/20/14 Senior Comp at last

Soooo We had transfers! Im finally Senior Companion! My new comp is named Elder Luna. Hes from Puebla and has 7 months in the mission. We were actually friends in my old area. He was in the other ward that shared the chapel we were in. Hes super awesome to work with and really clean! Which is great because my old comp was a slob haha.

So we were able to teach a new investigator named Adrian this week. Hes golden. His wife is a member and Elder Luna was actually the missionary that first met him and gave us the reference. Hes come to the chapel two tiems now and hes progressing super fast. He was telling us about this dream he had about like darkness and light and stuff and I totally tried interpretting it like Joseph and the coat of many colors! But I think Joseph did a better job than I because we all just got kind of confused haha. I should never be a psycologist after the mission.

One of our old investigators, Brandon, moved back into our area and we can teach him again! Super excited for that. Also his girlfriend (future wife) had a baby last night so thats awesome. Theyre totally parents now.

We were knocking a door one day, when this guy on the roof of the house next door starts talking to us. He was totally stoned and when we were leaving he was like ´´I love you´´ and I was like, ´´ok.´´ and then he said it again and asked me what that meant. I said that ´´I love you´´ means ´´Te amo´´ and he looked all startled and told me that he thought it meant ´´adios´´ which is goodbye haha. He got all embarrased and said sorry. Super funny.

We have cats! Haha two cats decided to have their children behind our house, and so we just let them live there behind the house. There are 4 kittens I think from what ive seen. I was taking my clothes off the clothes line when I heard all their meowing ha. So we totally have pets now. We´re also going to try to build a firepit in the back yard and roast weenies once we pull all the weeds out. So stoked haha. I havent had a hot dog in so long. 

Anyways Im really enjoying being senior comp. My teaching has improved drastically since ive had to take control of everything and use my own head for the hard questions instead of just leaving it my senior comp! I love it! I love the challenge!

Our new DL is from Guatemala. Hes way cool, and obedient. I can already feel the difference in the district.

thaaaats about all....
I Love you all so much!
Elder Harrison

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