Tuesday, October 28, 2014


So this week I wrote president a huge letter because there are a bunch of elders crossing some huge lines with the rules and im not ok with it. So president got the big one this week haha.
The Elders have Ipod Touches and internet in their houses and like dont work.

So this week kinda pooped on us too haha. But thats ok! We ended up teaching 6 new people this week and our one awesome investigator passed her baptism interview! So shes getting baptized this next weekend! and my companion finishes his two years next week so she chose him to baptize her to be his last baptizm in the mission! So hes pretty stoked about that.

General conference was awesome! It always makes me a big home sick to see all the white people there in the confrence center but these two years are passing too fast! Im sure that I´ll be back to gringolandia before I know it.

What were all your favorite talks? I loved the one by elder Bednar and Elder Klepingat... Or I tihnk that was his name.

We watched conference in English as a big group of Americans and that was awesome! We sat around, ate hamburgers and tacos and cookies, made american style jokes and Enjoyed some awesome inspiration from the living prophets! What an awesome blessing it is that we can recieve real time direction from a man who literally talks to God face to face. That is just awesome.

Also, can somebody send me Gordon Comforts email address? That would be awesome. thanks.
Well not much besides that! Next week Ill send the pictures of the baptism!! :D

Anywho I really love you all so much! I hope you all learned something from the conference!

Elder Harrison

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