Sunday, January 4, 2015

11/03/14 This Week

So this week was good! We did alot of walking and exploring of areas that we didnt know in our area! We walked like soooo much looking for the new neighborhoods in our area! Theyre like hidden in the woods and connected to back roads, and we found them all by accident haha.
My spanish continues to improve. I now forget lots of words in English and when I talk in english I try to use spanish words. one of the prominents being ´´ya´´ which means like now or already. I think Ya should be made an english word as well haha.
I totally cut my finger on a broken mirror this morning, looks like my 7 years of bad luck already started haha.
My comp and I went to buy tacos this morning and couple showed up after we ordered and when we tried to pay when we left the couple said that they were going to pay for us! I have no idea who they were but it made me feel nice inside. Thanks random taco buying couple!! 
Its interesting because I decided to give a bit more in my fast offering this week, and I the couple payed for our food the very next day, which happened to be more or less what I gave extra in the fast offerings. Heavenly Father is awesome like that :)
So my comp and I worked really hard and were able to meet and teach 12 new investigators this week! It was awesome! some of them were duds but some of them were really great and already accepted baptismal dates and everything. We´ll see how that goes in the coming weeks!
Im coming up on 11 months this month. Almost to the peak of the mission and then im on the downhill. The time goes by way too fast in the mission.

Anyways, nothing more happened this week! Just lots of walking!
Love you all so much!
Elder Harrison

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