Tuesday, October 28, 2014

9/22/14 Mojaditos

So this week its rained like nutzo! Thus my companion and I went out and ran around in it haha. I am in fact laying in the water haha.

The other pic is just us chillin on top of a house. No big deal. We climb stuff. Also I forgot to wash my socks earlier that week so I was wearing my emergency pair of bright white socks ;) Nailed that look.

Heeeeey! So this week was alright.
We scored ourselves a low of 6 lessons this week haha. im not sure what happened but there it is! we only taught people like 3 days out of the seven this week ha. but whatevs. Its ok. We´ll just work harder this week.
So a fun rainstorm decided to attack our little bit of mexico here and we got sooooaaked! My companion and I were walking and looking off in the distance and realized that we suddenly couldnt see the store signs a little ways away. then we realized that the ones that were closer were getting more obscure. We then realized that It would have been a great day to bring an umbrella, because it was raining really hard and getting closer. So we ran to the appointment, but by the time we got there we were soaked head to toe and the people werent even there haha. so we just walkd around and enjoyed the rain haha.
We met a few good new families that seem really promising this week! and all of them already have friends in the church so thatll make things alot easier for us because the friends have been like inviting them to all the activities that we have in the church. So theyre getting prety interested in the church. Which is awesome.
We had an activity for the Mexico Independance day this week on thursday. We wore plastic mexico ties and ate tacos. Dinner is awesome haha, because its not something I get to enjoy too often.
3 of our investigators came to that, and all had a really good time soo... that was sweet haha.
We got to bring and drop off one of our investigators to an ettiquete dinner for the youth last saturday. It was super funny when she opened the door to her house because she was wearing like a prom dress. It was dunny seeing a 12 year old in a prom dress. She also wore high heals for the first time, and we got a good laugh out of that haha. She should be baptized October 12th, so hopefully everything keeps working out good with that.
Also I did the cheeto challenge on thursday. Totally put 20 cheetos in my mouth at the same time, my companion did 26. He has a surprisingly big mouth haha. i got it on video, so If I could send videos I totally would haha.
Aaaaanywhoooo... Thats about it for this week! We´ll see what next week brings!
Love you all
Elder Harrison

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