Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Feb 24th 2014


I´ve been in Mexico for a while now so I figured I should write something back to all the Kids back home.

first of all.
Mexico is weird. All the stores here are like built into peoples living rooms, and I guess thats like totally ok.
To say something is cool here, one says, Que padre! Which direct translation means, That´s dad!
I find that to be kinda weird haha.

I walk alot. Like reallllly aaaaalot! Like miles upon miles errday. Which means that... I have amazing calves, and i´ve lost like a bunch of weight since being here too, so i´m just one hot stack of a missionary haha.

My house is pink. And is two stories. We have a garden in the back with an orange tree, which is actually pretty cool, the oranges are so acidic though they like destroy your mouth for hours.

So one of our investigators got arrested this week
That was random haha.
I guess he was part of the Cartel, but he was super nice and knew english and seemed interested in the gospel so that´s kind of a bummer.
We were at a members house down the street when a bunch of police trucks hauled by and stopped at his house. I guess he tried to run or resist or something, because them Mexicops beat the snot out of the dude, and now hes in the hospital.
Mexico is fun haha.

We taught a bunch this week, and had great lessons with our new investogators. We were able to commit them all to baptism for march and April, so i´m hoping all that works out. 
One of our investigators decided that she didn´t want to be baptized anymore, which really bums me out, because she would have been my first baptism, and her baptism was going to be in two weeks. But people have their agency. However I refuse to give up on her and i´m sure we´ll get her to the font eventually.

Also, this morning I killed two cockroaches in the kitchen.
I hate bugs.

Anywho I love you all! 

Elder Harrison

Feb 24th 2014 Pictures

Sooo... I totally got a Macklemore Haircut last week.


Enjoy the selfzz

Love you all!


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Feb 17, 2014
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Elder Aguilar and I had a cool experience this last week with a woman we contacted on the street. We walked by and I noticed her and her mother sitting outside her house as she was crying. We walked by, and as we crossed the street I had the impression that we should stop and offer her a blessing. So I told Elder Aguilar and we turned around and stopped and talked to her. I asked if everything was alright and said that if they would like that we could give a blessing. The mother straight away got up and brought us two chairs to sit in and we sat and talked for a while about her life and taught a little bit about the savior and faith. After she had calmed down a bit I asked her if she felt the calm good feeling that pervaded our conversation. She said yes, and I explained about the spirit and after we leave she won´t be able to feel it the same as when we are here. I explained that she could have it always by being baptized, and then I invited her to be baptized. I have no idea what she said after that. But Elder Aguilar explained later that she said something along the lines of she was baptized as a little girl, and felt that was enough. I´m bummed I didn´t understand what she said because I would have explained the priesthood and all that good stuff and I´m sure she would have chosen to be baptized. 
So i´ll take it as a maybe.
Afterwards we got her details and found that this was her mothers house and she lived in a different area. So in our nightly report I told Elder Erekson, My district Leader, about it and he said he´ll try to speed along the missionaries in her area and hopefully they are able to teach her. Before we left we asked if she still wanted a blessing, and she said yes, and we went inside and gave her a blessing. Her whole family was there and I know they had to have felt the spirit, the younger daughter was crying, the mom was super happy and the daughter we´d been talking to was in a much better mood. We set up appointments with the family to come back and teach so I really hope something good comes from that.
Anyways, that was awesome.

K love you all I have exactly 1 minute left in my session so I hope you all know I love you and have a good week!

Feb 17, 2014 Pictures

I´m sending the pic of the tree stump, because one day I looked at it... and it looked like a pair of legs, which I thought was funny so thus I share it haha.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Feburary 13 2014

Hey there fam.

Sooo... Mexico is interesting.

First of all.

Sometimes.. I have to shower with a bucket.
Which, i´m not gonna lie, is a very new experience.
But at the same time I Kinda enjoyed it haha. I´m super glad I bought a loofa. Cuz that thing is great for not much agua situations.

Also, I wish I hadn´t packed up my robe. Cuz It gets freaking cold here in the mornings.

Sooo this week has been interesting. I got a new companion, Elder Aguilar. He´s a native of Mexico, and doesn´t know much English. So communication with him is a bit frustrating. 

Honestly, I know I´m doing the right thing here, and I know that I just need to have more faith. But this is freaking hard. I´m tired all day, and most mornings I just want to quit. I don´t know why, but i´m just not very happy, and I have this weird feeling of dread all the time. Idk, but i´m trying to be as obedient as I can and have more faith and determination. 

I´m pretty sure the Lord is just humbling me though. 

Spanish is frustrating. I can speak with other americans pretty well. But with Mexicans, thats a different story. Also they don´t get my sarcasm very well, because when I say something sarcastic they just think that I don´t understand what i´m saying haha.

Sorry I didn´t write sooner! We didn´t have a Pday this monday because we got to go to the temple today, which is jueves, or thursday. Temple stuff in spanish is tough haha. But I felt a bit better after the temple, so I´m hoping things start going better from now on.

So basically they whole of last week I felt discouraged and frustrated. But I got to go on splits this last tuesday with the DL´s companion, and we went and talked with the barrio mission leader, wards are called barrios here btw. But anyways I got to talk with their ward mission leader, and he was asking me how I was enjoying mission life, and I said that I was a bit frustrated and discouraged. He went on to say a whole lot of things I didn´t understand. But the cool thing was, I could understand what the spirit was trying to tell me. We both ended up crying a little bit and he gave me a hug. I don´t know exactly what he said. But I felt the spirit really strongly. From what I did understand, and from what the spirit taught me, I need to just lose myself. I get to spend two whole years doing nothing but that which the savior would do, and it will go fast. I jsut need to have patience with myself, and do as the savior would do. Because I am his representative, and I need to present myself as such.

After our talk, his less active grandson came by and we taught him the plan of salvation. During the lesson I was sitting there quietly as usual, as my temporary companion taught the plan of salvation. When the question came to my mind´´what would Jesus do?´´ I thought for a moment. If Jesus were in a place where he doesn´t understand the language very well, and is supposed to be teaching people, what would he do?
He would try.
So that´s what I did. We started talking about the Atonement of Christ, and I chimed in and asked him why we need the Atonement of Christ. From there I just talked and I told him in the few words I know, but with all the power of my spirit, that I know the Atonement of Christ is real, and it is the only way we can return to our Father in heaven again. He told me afterwards, that even though I don´t understand well, that I spoke with power.

I am thankful that the spirit knows spanish when I don´t. Because it can say the things that I don´t know how to say.

Since then my days have been a bit better,
We met a crazy dude yesterday that says he is a doctor for the sicknesses of the soul. That was pretty neat. Cool thing was, I understood almost everything that he said! It was all like crazy ramblings, but it was cool being able to understand.
Elder Aguilar and I are meeting with him again on saturday.
Totes gonna baptize him ;) haha

Anywho, that was my week. I have another Pday on monday, and from then on they should be on monday except for every six weeks, which is when we get to go to the temple.

Luvz from Treva to da Fam!
Elder Harrison

Monday, February 3, 2014

Feburary 03 "I'm Alive" (With picture of arriving Missionaries and Mission President and Wife)

Hey I'm alive and I made it to Mexico! I had a burrito in my bag from the airport... and it spilled all over the inside of my bag. thus my bag will smell like nasty airport chipotle burrito for the next two years.

It's like cloudy and gross here right now. But I know I'm gonna be begging for the cold again this coming summer. They said it gets to like... 110 here. woop! haha.

Well that's all folks. I made it here and I'll be able to tell you more next week probably.

Love Elder Harrison