Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dis Week 8/28/14

So this week we went to the temple so thats why the email came so late! We got up at 3:30 this morning to catch two buses and a train to get there by 7am haha. It was funny because after the train we couldnt figure out which bus to take so we like wandered around confused for like a half hour. Also I tihnk we were on early morning Monterrey news, because the news truck was down the street filming towards where we were standing.

I got to go to the temple and that was great! I always love the peace that comes from the house of the Lord.

So last friday I went on splits with the ZLs in Cadereyta, which is a city about 30 minutes from my area, and they are in like one of the only bike area! So I got to ride a bike for a day! and I never wanted to go back to walking! Riding is so much more fun haha.
During the splits we had a few lessons and were able to have a lesson with this crazy lady that kept like changing moods and interrupting us. She was nutzo haha. But she totally wants to be baptized sooo... whatevz right? 

Also as my comp and I were walking down the street one night at like 9ish (after a lesson so we were allowed to be out a bit later) I hear someone psst at me, and I look back and theres a guy walking behind us, so I just kinda looked at him and kept walking, and he pssted again so we stopped and talked to him.
He was super gay. 
He told us that hes renting out a room in his house and wanted to know if we wanted it, but the whole time he was looking at me like a fresh slab of fat juicy steak.
We told him no and he said ok and walked away.
I didnt know whether to feel flattered or just wierd haha.

So my comps foot stayed injured and we couldnt work very much last week either sooo... no progress there haha. But this week he feels better so hopefully this weekend we´ll be able to make good things happen.

Anywho, Im just hunkering down in the Book of Mormon and Preach my Gospel and trying to refine my teaching skills! Better every week!

Thats about all for this week, nothing much happened than that.
Love you all!
Elder Harrison
 Hammocks and bicis

So this week I went on splits with the ZL´s and totally got to ride a bike! I forgot to take a pic of me on the bike so heres one of me standing mostly in front of them! Also we slept in hammocks because its too hot to sleep in the house here, so that was sweet haha.
Elder Harrison

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