Tuesday, October 28, 2014

9/29/14 Wilderness Adventures and rooftops

So I went on splits this week with Elder Leavitt again. We totally went on a wilderness adventure and found this big concrete box, which we climbed and took pictures on top of haha. Then we were still in a climbing mood when we got back, thus we climbed the roof of his house and took more pictures up there haha.
Missionaries just climb stuff sometimes

Soooooo this week was a bit of a frustration, but hey, it was pretty fun too so thats ok.
first of all I did not even teach an investigator from my area this week haha. We knocked their doors all week but nooooobody was home! So we took to walking around... finding random wilderness trails and such to get to appointments faster. It was a grand time haha.

Tuesday I got to go on splits with Elder Leavitt again, and this time I went to his area. Elder Leavitt is the Elder from Benton city. That was an awesome time, we climbed on stuff and went looking around in the woods because he didnt have any appointments and well... Wed never been in that part of the woods before haha. WE found this big cement box that was covered in caterpillars! and huge camoflouged spiders! 
We had a really great lesson with one of his investigators who told us that she wanted to be baptized. She told us that she sometimes sees her dead mother in law.. which was weird, but we went off that and told her that the spirit world is here on the earth and so that might be her mother in law talking to her from spirit prison and trying to get her to be baptized so that she could do her temple work for her. The spirit was really strong and it was awesome.
When Elder Leavitt and I got back, we didnt have much to do, so we just like climbed on his roof and took pictures and talked and stuff haha. Climbing on roofs is just what we do here.

The rest of the week was a bit of a drag, but we ended up having 2 investigators at church that sunday, and I learned how to make emapanadas. So Id say it was still a succesful week haha.

Anyways. I love you guys lots! I should be having a baptism in about 2 weeks! so thatll be super awesome!

Elder Harrison

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