Tuesday, October 28, 2014

10/13/14 Birdpoop. baptisms, and goodbyes

So this week a bird pooped on me. Enjoy the joyful moment in my life

My companion had his last baptism last saturday, as he goes home this wednesday, He got to baptize her and it was a suuuuper awesome and spiritual baptismal service

and this my comp saying goodbye to our mission mom family. They gave us dinner to take home with us for like an entire week once. It was awesome

So this week was my Companions last week of his two years! This coming wednesday he´ll be boarding a plane and heading back to his home in Tijuana.
Im honestly super bummed to see him go. Its the first time ive been able to be good friends with a companion and work hard and have lots of fun too.  felt like I was living with a best friend for the past three months

So this week, my comp and I were having ind of a crappy day, (I think wednesday) and then it literally got crappy because a bird pooped on me. Pictures to come haha. But after that everything was just funny so the poop was a blessing in a stinky disguise.

Also we watched as this little kid ran down the street, holding a puppy in his arms and looking in all directions to make sure that nobody had seen him. Yup he had totally just stollen a puppy from one of his friends who had a dog that just had puppies. It was really funny to watch him run away with the puppy haha. But then we told a guy standing there looking for the dog, and he went and got the puppy back ha. Classic Mexican Robery.

Last week I told president that a group of elders in my district had Ipod touches and internet in their homes and were using it on the daily to talk to people back home. That very day he called the zone leaders and had them go and get all the ipods and bring them to the offices. The other elders are kinda mad, but they were the ones sinning and I did what was right sooo... They can trip into a pit of quicksand for all I care. 

Tuesday we had splits with the zone leaders, which was a great time. Elder Hood, and elder from Cali came with me to my area and my companion went to Cadereyta, which is another city, to the zone leaders area. After the splits they told us that we were the most obedient elders in our district and were some of the most obedient in the zone. They told us to keep going with the obedience and working hard. My companion was taken aback, because for almost the entirety of his mission he had been super disobedient and had shaped up with me. So he was stoked to hear that and to have that happen on his last week in the mission as well.

We had a baptism on saturday!! It was awesome! Like the most spiritual thing ever! The mom of the girl got up and bore her testimony after the end and started crying and like committed to always help her daughter be worthy of the spirit. It was awesome. Then I gave a talk about the restoration and Joseph Smith, and I kinda changed it up a little bit, and in stead of just telling the story, I told everyone to imagine themselves as a teenager again, and to imagine a story that I told, which was the Joseph Smith story. I thought it was a pretty powerful way to tell the story because I tried to get them to experience it. It was great.

After my companion dunked her (his last dunking of the mission) and we closed the doors, the girl, Renata, turned around and totally dived into the font haha. Then swam underwater and came out, and looked at my companion, because he was telling her that she cant do that, and she asked him if she could do it just one more time.. To which he caved and she jumped into the font again haha. super funny. Best investigator ever.

Yesterday we went and visited all the people that my companion wanted to say goodbye to and we visited a the De Aquino family. The father started showing us all these family history treasures and showed us a blessing certificate, that was signed by Howard W Pratt. I dont know if we´re related, but Im betting that we are in some way. He was the mission president in the Mexico mission like a really long time ago ha. Everytime I learn more mexican history I keep hearing more about the pratt family! Yallshould look them up and do a family history research project and see what the pratt family has done for mexico! since we´re like descendants of them and stuff.

Last night a sister gave us empanadas.. which are delicious.

Anyways, it was a good week! and we´ll see what this next week brings!

Elder Harrison

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