Tuesday, October 28, 2014

10/27/14 Baptisms and alot of weeds

So this week we were teaching a less active family that we just reactivated, and they told me that their son was to be baptized this past weekend, and when we asked who was going to baptize him, he looked at me and pointed and said ´´you!´´
It was awesome! and made me feel pretty happy that he wanted me to baptize him. So last saturday night, we had the service and I got to baptize him!
Hes eight and was so ready and excited to be baptized. He said that water was really cold and was shivering a ton, but we got the job done.
I didnt know that we could take pictures after the ordinance of baptism while we were still in the font, but the bishop of our ward was there and said we can sooo... Yeah. We took font pictures.

Also we had a ton of weeds behind our house.. So this morning we took out all the weeds here are the results of that
speaking of watching grass grow.. My comp and I went to town on the grass we had growing in the back yard of our house.
Now we´re gonna grab some broken blocks from a nearby construction site and build a firepit to cook weenies at night haha.


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