Tuesday, June 10, 2014

4-28-14 Hi there (Pikturz)

So not much went on this week. Took some pics. Talked to some people. Went on splits again. Told off my comp for being disobedient (if you want to know more, mom has the whole story) aaaand planched some investigators.

We had a lesson last night with a family that is always super tough to teach. One because the dad is super ignorant of the scirptures and just spouts what his pastor says, and then when we showw him what the bible says he starts yelling and getting all crazy.
His wife is nice though, and she listens to us.

So we were teaching and the husband went off on a crazy person rant, and I was just like, man, its time to just teach these peeps a truth. So I cut in and said, Yo soy Elder Harrison, fui llamado por Dios para estar aqui y enseñar el Evangelio, y yo voy a enseñar ustedes. Im Elder Harrison, I was called by God to be here and teach the Gospel, and Im going to teach you.
That shut them all up.
So I went on a huge scriptures chase about faith in the Bible. Started in epfesians 2:8, went to Hebrews 11:1, James 2:17, then went on to baptism with a bunch of scriptures in Acts that I dont remember, that talk about the imposition of hands for the holy ghost and baptism, and John where it says one cannot enter the kingdom of god unless they were first baptized by water and the spirit. Then I just kinda sat there and let them saok it all in. I went so hard with all the right scriptures, that the husband had to leave because he didnt want to believe all the truth I was spittin. Which was all straight from the bible, which he said that he believes. So I got them with faith to be saved, faith = works and belief, saved by works, works=baptism and holy ghost, saved by baptism and holy ghost.
Booyah. I love the bible.

So yeah, besides that nothing big happened. Im going to skype home on the 11th by the way. I get 45 minutes to talk. So yall should work out some kind of conference call for that so we can all talk.

Anywho I love you all! Have a good week!
Elder Harrison

The Mac and cheese... Defs not as good with the nasty milk here haha.

Also one of my best friends from the mission got transfered out of my district today... Which is a super bummer. #byeelderkeith


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