Tuesday, June 10, 2014

5-26-14 I have a new companion!

Sooooo big news! I have a new companion! President called us in for interviews on monday and we had special transfers!
He interviewed my comp and my comp tried to lie to his face about the phone he had, and president didnt believe him, so he called me in and we talked, and I told him everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. like the injections he gave to a little 10 year old girl in her bare rear end and his weird relationship with her and her family and how he like wants to live with them and like wants to marry the 10 year old and just... yeah. everything. It felt gooood to let it out. President called the comp back in, asked him about the phone, my comp said he didnt have it, and President had awesome revelation and said he knew he had a phone but gave it to a family in the ward that had originally given it to him, the family of the 10 year old. They gave it to him so that he could communicate with them and their daughter because I never let my companion go to their house anymore.
So President said the facts and he broke down and told him everything. We had emergency transfers and now I have a new companion! Elder Guzman. and he is freaking awesome! Hes from the Dominican Republic and speaks really fast, but Im starting to understand his spanish more too, his accent is weird, they dont pronounce S in his accent. We just goof around all day, but we work really hard too, ive never been so tired in my life haha. Its awesome though because I finally feel like im doing some good work! 
Everynight we sit and talk and sing songs and its just an awesome time everyday haha. He goes home in about 4 months so he knows how to do like everything which is awesome because that means I have an awesome learning opportunity.
He has gone through alot in his life, he told me his story and like, he lives by the beach, and some rich people wanted his property, and so they payed off the cops and the cops came at like 6 in the morning and pulled them out of their houses with all their stuff, and destroyed their houses right in front of their eyes. So that was nutzo haha. He said a bunch of morenos came out and started shooting at the cops and his family just kinda peaced out, that was like right before he left on his mission. and since hes been on his mission things have just worked out for his family. Like his mom had a friend in the governent that decided to build a house for them, so its like bigger and nicer than before and his other siblings that werent members are starting to get baptized and maan! He just has an awesome testimony and is awesome! I dont know if I would have been able to leave at a time like that.
So yeah hes awesome!

So this week we just worked alot and contacted alot, and I think this week well start seeing more of the fruits of our labors.

Im tired, im sweaty, but darn it, im happy.

Love you all!
Elder Harrison

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