Tuesday, June 10, 2014

5-5-14 This Week...

Hey so this week was... Dificult.
I still have to kick the comp in the butt all day to be obedient. Im gonna talk to my leaders about him, I think he has a phone that hes been hiding. Only one of the investigators that we invited to church showed up. Even after I rememded one family the night before at like 8:30 and they said they would come. Thaaaat was frustrating. Been having lots of arguments with the comp at night. Hes been starting to act weird and try to be sneaky and hide things from me, and hes been lying to me alot too. soooooo thats alot of fun. I still havent had like any success, and im not going to lie, im really frustrated. I have no idea what we can do to have success. I think it might be because my comp doesnt want to be obedient, because he was obedient all saturday, and we had people say they want to come to church, then he was talking on the phone all night until I came upstairs and took it away because were only supposed to use the phone for well... work and he was just talking to people, and he was like deleting all his calls and stuff as I was reaching for the phone. So he was being disobedient, and surprise surprise, all the people that said they would come... didnt.

Sooo yeah. Sorry this week has just been a bit frustrating! We got a new DL tyhis week and his awesome, From canada. Hes has a super good attitude, so I think that things are gonna pick up in this district and were gonna be able to change the ward.

Anywho... Not much really happened. Ill tell you all more on sunday! 5 my time, 4 utah time, and 3 oregon time! Make sure you¨re all ready for it!

Love you all lots! thanks for the support always!
Elder Harrison

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