Tuesday, June 10, 2014

6-2-14 Wet Feet

Heeeelloooooooo Family!!

This week was a killer haha.
We only had like 7 lessons all week, which means we walked alot! But we had a bunch of fun service projects with the zone and district and the few lessons we had were good ones. 
yesterday and the day before we had 0 lessons. But! we had like 50 something contacts in those two days, so we should start seeing more lessons...
I hope haha.
But I have faith that we will have a good week this week and get things done!
We taught one of our old investigators named Gorgonio, who is super old, but awesome and has been to church a bunch of times. We went over the baptismal questions for the baptism interview to see if he was ready, and he totally nailed it, which was awesome because he was like never able to understand us before haha.
We set the date for the 7th of june to be baptized, and when we went back to visit him on thursday he told us that he wanted to be baptized this weekend! And as missionaries... we were totally down with helping him to reach that goal haha. 
He had his interviews on friady and we picked on of the hermanos from the ward to do the dunkin. Hno Cano, who is our ward mission leader. 
Hno Cano decided to take the baptism into his own hands and changed the times and was rude to us and then decided that he wasnt going to go to the baptism and wasnt going to baptize Gorgonio. Which really ticked me off because he changed the baptism time to 8 in the morning before church.. and he changed the time on saturday.. in the afternoon. So we didnt have much time to invite people and I was only able to talk to 2 families in the ward to invite them.
So I was pretty ticked about that, and Hno Cano was Gorgonios Fellowshipper... and he wasnt even going to come.
But we went on ahead with the baptism, and the awesome thing about Heavenly Father is that he loves us and always helps us out when we need help! Randomly like 3 families from the ward showed up and all came to support Gorgonio! I got to baptize him too! Funny side note, im pretty sure I know the prayer for baptism better in spanish than in English.
Baptizing him was funny because he like went forward in the water instead of backwards, and im trying to tell him to bend his knees, but i didnt know the word for Bend (fraccionarse) and he didnt go all under so I had to do it again. This time his shirt kept popping up or part of his body was sticking out, so I basically had to jump on him to get him all in the water.
But hey. I did what I had to do haha.
So yeah that was awesome! Things are starting to pick up here in the area and I know that the Lord has a plan for this ward and for us.

I love you all so much! Thanks for your support always!
Love Elder Harrison

Ps included are the photos from the two baptisms ive had so far. Enjoy!


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