Tuesday, June 10, 2014

6-9-14 Tough Week,,,, Topped off with campechizzas... ;)

Well this week was a tough one! We walked a toooon! but the bright side is... Ive lost like 25 pounds here haha. I feel like I might have said that last week... But I dont remember so Ill say it again because its a big deal! haha.
We did have to opportunity to meet some great new investigators though! One of which is a family from a reference from my old companion and his old companion, that they never contacted. Theyre like super ready. We walked up to the door and she said, Oh Elders! finally youve found me! She had been waiting six months for the missionaries to show up. 
Shes sooooo prepared! She actually reminds me alot of sister Garcia from richland, same personality and everything. First visit she asked us when shes going to feel ready to be baptized and maaan! Im just amazed at how prepared she is haha.
I told her when she has faith that Christ is the Son of God, thats when she will know that she will be baptized. Nailed it haha.
Unfortunately none of them came to church... But thats ok! Well get them to come next week!
A bit of a sad bit that happened this week is that our ward mission leader told us he didnt want to work with the missionaries anymore and was going to inactivate from the church. He kept giving us some crap excuse when Im pretty sure that he just wants to go back to being the guy he was before he was baptized. Which is sad but he has his agency so theres not much we can do.
Also I had intercambios with Elder Bravo again. The guy that I bought 16 campechanas with. This time we bought a pizza and 8 campechanas and put the campechanas on the pizza ;) we called it Campechizza. it was delicious :D
But the bathroom the morning after... Woof haha.

Anywho thats all that happened this week! Ill love you all and Ill talk to you next week!
love Elder Harrison

Btw we had transfers and im staying for a 4th transfer in my first area.. 6 months in my first area. yaaay... haha
We called these.. campechizzas... ;)


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