Thursday, April 24, 2014

4-21-2014 Disweek #idontthinkitsactuallymilk

Soooo this week was good.
We got invited to a big Santa Cena Celebration on monday by the testigos de jehova. So we went to be respectful, and because our president told us to start going to meet the other pastors and people from other religions to build friendship between the religions. 
That was super weird. If anyone wants to be unhappy forever, just be a testigo. They dont believe that theyre going to heaven, and so they dont take the santa cena, just pass it around so that people can look at it. They passed around like this nasty looking crunchy bread stuff, and actuall wine. I can see why nobody takes it. The Bread looked old and the wine smelled like a dead pig on a Mexican highway. Even if anyone wanted to, they wouldnt have been able to swallow any of it haha.
So yeah, we went to learn more about them, and we learned how to teach them now too, which is a plus, because everybody here is either a catholic, or a testigo de jehova. Or christian, but I think that just means that sometimes they go to church haha.
We focused a lot on contacting this week and had a lot of good ones. One thatll blow your mind, we were walking down the street and saying Buenas tardes to like everyone, when a family that was packing up their car to leave for vacaciones, which is like spring break, starting talking to us. One of their daughters is my age and she asked if we knew english, which I said yes, figuring that they were about to try to spit out some ugly 3rd grade english that they learned years ago, when she sked me where I ws from, in a perfect Pacific Northwest Accent. I hadnt heard it in so long that I recognized it. I said washington, and she said that they were from oregon! Like their whole family was from Oregon.
But heres the kicker, guess what city in Oregon they were from! Saaaalem! Same as Dad. So I was freaking out and I asked them if they knew dad, which they said no, but I also asked if they knew Brynn Lakey, who is a girl I met at college about a month before I left for the MTC, and she said yes! She went to highschool with her! She said her dad worked there for a long time, and just changed his job to a job up in Texas, so they moved here to Monterrey, and he commutes on a weekly basis. Sooo yeah that was awesome! I met someone from home! and were going to teach them in English, so im positive that something good will come of it.
I had splits this week too with Elder Bravo again. We had our last night of Noche de Valientes! and tried to order Pizza and campechanas to put on the pizza, but all the pizza places were closed, so we settled for two massive campechanas instead.
No baptisms yet. Our one that we had lined up like disappeared off the face of the planet, so hopefully he shows up sometime soon haha.
Also... Ill let you know in the coming weeks at what time ill be skyping home, but I think it might be best for you all to just sit at the computer all dy on mothers day haha. Because... sometimes were late.. and sometimes were early. Mexicans dont believe in exact time haha.
So yeah that was the week, Hopefully we´ll start having success sometime soon. We went to a baptism for a guy from the other Elders. So it was nice to see that someone has had success in the last few months haha.
Ok thats all!
Elder Harrison

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