Tuesday, June 10, 2014

5-19-14 The New beginning

hey so this week was a bit stressful.
I told president about everything that had gone down with the comp on monday and on thursday we had a training with the assistants to the president and the president, and there President told me that he was going to take care of everything on monday, and we were going to have interviews on monday. Also thursday was my birthday and im 20 now. My comp didnt even say happy birthday.
For my birthday... I did... nothing haha. My comp was being a jerk and didnt even say anything about my birthday. The best part of the day was when the family that was supposed to feed us, (that hates me) decided that because they hate me they werent going to feed us. So we went and got chinese food, which was awesome. I love the chinese food here haha.
I had splits with the ZLs on friday, and I got the opportunity to learn from a seriously awesome missionary. Elder Quevedo is his name, and he kicks butt. He showed me some new ways to teach and helped me with my confidence. Also that night to celebrate my birthday we bought tacos de trompo y bistek. I have no Idea what that is in english sooo.... yeah haha. I told him that night everything that went down with the comp and he told me I definitely needed to tell president everything in the interview on monday.
Sorry this letter is jumbeled, we only get to write for 30 mins today.
I also bought strawberries this week... which was weird but I craved them and enjoyed them.
So yeah last night the assistants called us and told my comp to pack his bags and come to the offices, so he did, and tried to get all sentimental with me, but I was like, you didnt even say happy birthday, I dont care if you leave haha. so we went to the offices and had interviews and I told president about all the disobedience and stuff and he talked to Elder Aguilar, and through an awesome moment Ill describe next week, extracted the truth from my companion about the phone that he did in fact have and everything. So we had emergency transfers and now im with Elder Guzman from the Dominican Republic. Hes almost done with his mission and is a hard worker, so itll be good for me to have a comp like him. Im excited to learn from him.
So sorry this letter is a bit confusing but I didnt have much time to write it! Ill write more next week! love you all
Elder Harrison

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