Tuesday, June 10, 2014

5-12-14 Post Mothers Day #1 and "Hats and Pants" (Picts)

Hey It was great talking to you all yesterday!
Last night after we talked we had a lesson with the parents of a family that weve been teaching a bit.
They got issues haha.
We sat there for like an hour and a half while they argued, till I sat up, told them both to shut up, (just kidding I didnt say that, but I did silence them) and told them both exactly what their problems were and proscribed that every night they tell each other 5 things that they liked about the other from that day, and one thing that they could better, and then I told them to, on the next day, verify if they had bettered and do tell them 5 other things, and I told them to do it every night for the rest of their lives, which they agreed to haha.
Totes just saved a marriage.

Also today I wrote my mission president everything that had happened in this area with the comp. because I dont feel like dealing with it on my own anymore ha. Im sure we´ll get a call from him this week when he reads it.

Anywho... NOt really much else. I forgot to say that i gave a talk on sunday! I ironed out the members with it, basically telling them that if they dont try to share the gospel with all their friends and neighbors, all their friends and neighbors that havent been baptized... are basically going to hell haha. and it will be their fault for not sharing. Boom. Ironed out. Like nobody wanted to look me in the eyes after that or mention my talk, so hopefully I made them all feel really bad, or nobody understood what I said haha.

Oooh we will probably have a baptism this weekend! a 10 year old from a part member family! pictures to follow!

So yeah thats all! I´ll talk to yall next week I guess! cuz I kinda already said everything that I needed to say yesterday soo...  yeah haha.
Love you all!
Elder Harrison
So first. Look at that awesome pair of pants I found in a street shop! theres like knitted on colors on the pockets!

second, just a hat that one the families we eat with had. It was pretty awesome.


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