Thursday, June 19, 2014

6/19/14 This week and transfers :(

Two of my besties got transferred out of the zone last week :(
And my comp and I took a bunch of frito pics.. this is just one of the many we took haha.

Sooooo this week....
Yeah not really that much went down the past week. We just walked alot.. Felt stressed alot... and prayed alot. Our president asked the mission to do a mission wide fast for more love, obedience, and a stronger conversion to the gospel. Let me tell ya, fasting in Monterrey Mexico, when its like 105 degrees, walking all day without water.. thats tough stuff haha. I legitely stopped sweating. But then to break the fast I chugged 1.5 liters of lemonade. Woot I was sweatin lemons haha.
But I had a great talk with my comp the night after the fast, and I realized what ive been missing in my lessons and why they havent felt that effective. I need to stop focusing on the points, or the spanish, and love the people more and let that and the spirit help me to teach them. 
So thats what ive been doing, and Ive felt the quality of my teaching improve alot. With more spirit, which is goooood.
Today we got to go to the temple! I love the temple in spanish! Its awesome! Spanish makes me pay way more attention to everything, which helps me to learn more from each session I go to.
Honestly. this week tired me out. Hopefully the nap im going to take today will help me out with the tiredness haha.
Our ward mission leader, who was going inactive, recieved a visit from one of the youth in the ward who asked why he hadnt gone to church and that he needed to start comnig-. His words penetrate right into our ward mission leaders heart and he told us that hes going to be better and he apologized for his attitude towards us and he told us he was going to work harder in his calling and start coming back to church. Booyah!
So yeah that was the highlights from the past week! I love you all alot! and I hope that you keep firm in the gospel!
Love you fam!
Elder Harrison

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