Sunday, January 4, 2015

12/29/14 Merrrrry Christmasssss

A lady on the street randomly gave us a bunch of brown suits. We gave them to a kid in the ward thats going on a mission soon, but not before taking a picture in the light brown one with the soft background of the Christmas

tree, and showing off our awesome matching sunglasses haha.

Also.. Theres this red soup that all the sisters always give us.. And this morning I made it! It wasnt even gross. I could be a cook
So after we got off the call, I proceeded to down enourmous amounts of meat and talk to the family in spanish. Then I messed with my comp as he was talking to his family. Priceless.

Mom, I think my companions mom is going to send you an email! Because shes the first mom that you can actually talk to because the rest of them only speak spanish! haha.

Not much else happened this weekend, met some new people to teach, but they didnt come to church so  theres not much point of talking about them yet because... Well  Idont want to get all excited about an inestigator that isnt progressing yet.

We had the stake presidency´s 2nd counselor accompany us the other day! It was great, he explains things really well in a way that I cant because I dont have that kind of understanding that comes with age ha. Maybe when im old ill be able to acompany the missionaries and be awesome like that too.

sooooo yeah... Not much really happened. two investigators came to church (one for the first time) and we´re really working hard to get them to keep progressing.

Ive realized that what I really need is to be able to understand what it is like to be a convert to the gospel. To understand how it is to recieve the gospel for the first time in your life. Sometiems im jealous of the converts because they know how they felt and so they tend to be able to teach with more convincing power beacuse they werent always members of the church. So I guess what im working on now is to be more personally converted to the gospel so that I can help these people be more converted. I can only help others to be converted to my level of conversion, so I think thats something im going to be focusing on in the next few weeks.

Anyways  I love you guys alot!! How much is gas at?? My comps parents said it was at like less than 2 bucks in arizona!

Elder Harrison

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