Sunday, January 4, 2015

12/08/2014 Helloooooo Family!!

Hey! so this week was a good one!
So first of all, the weather here is nutzo. One day its hot, the next its not, but your body is always uncomfortable haha. But at least its not as cold as Rexburg, but then again, in Rexburg I was almost always inside so it wasnt that big of a deal when it was cold. We had a heater in the walls of the house haha.
Right now its raining again.
So yeah.
This week we went out with the HNO Zavala and gave a christmas message to a bunch of people. It was exactly what alot of our investigators needed because in that day alone we were able to set 7 more baptismal dates with people, all being families!! We actually invited one lady to be baptized and she was kinda reluctant and finally told us that she had already been baptized like 16 years ago!! It was like... surprise! haha. But she wasnt confirmed soooo... She shall be dunked again!! Booyah.
One of our progressing investigators, Raymundo, tried to come to church drunk again yesterday, so we told him that it would be best for him to stay home and next week when he was sober he could come.
Oh baby did that upset him.
He started going off about how the Word of God is free and cant be contained or prohibited and he just got really upset. I literally got so mad. Like he knew he was in the wrong, and was just trying to make everything our fault. Then he went off saying that he was never going to change church and wasnt going to give up his ´´San Juditas´´ and blah blah blah. I was like. Hermano. Youre just mad right now. We´ll come back later when youre dry. He had been telling us for weeks that he was stoked about his baptism and that the saints were all bad and was all up for it, but he was jsut drunk and mad when he said those things. But yeah I kinda chewed him out a bit too because he was saying that he´ll does things in ¨his way¨ so I asked him what was his way, and he said that he asks God for forgiveness and help to stop drinking and hopes that he´ll help him, when said hermano isnt willing to do anything to help himself. So I told him that jsut asking God for help isnt enough, he only helps us when we have done all that we can to help ourselves.
So we left and we´ll go back later this week with one of the brothers in the ward thats friends with Raymundo and see if he can help him out.
All the other families that we invited didnt come either, but a random guy that we taught this week did come! and he was asking about baptism, saying that he´s rather be baptised by going head first in the water than backwards, so I know its something that he´s been thinking about! If he keeps coming, we should have baptism in four weeks!
Anyways, Im about out of time sooo... I love you all alot! Talk to you at Christmas!
Elder Harrison

ps. in exactly one year, ill be in my last day in the field!

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