Sunday, January 4, 2015

12/15/2014 weekz and weekz and weekz

So this week was aight. We didnt have that many lessons but we were able to have 2 investigating families in the chapel yesterday! So it was awesome. in total there were 10 people there, but only 6 are of baptizable age, but its aaaaall good. Someday they´ll be baptized too!
I went on splits with Elder Leavitt this week! we had a great time reminicing about washington and planning all the awesome things we´re gonna do when we get home. We actually had splits on the day that was exactly a year from the day we´ll both go home. So we were planning what we´ll do in the airport and stuff haha. Super fun. We´ll have a great day in a year!
We ate a ton of really greasy and meaty foods this week, so that means we will have to work harder to get the six packs going! haha but theyre getting there slowly but surely.
This week was a holiday for mexico celebrating the Virgin Guadelupe. We saw a bunch of street dancing and parades and stuff. It was cool. I was bumbed that I was not able to take pictures because we cant use our cameras outside of the house anymore unless its a special occasion. bummeeerrrrr...
WE had a great lesson with Raymundo, the Drunk that I chewed out a little bit last week. He told us that he was gonna start working harder to stop and we gave him a blessing. A member came with us to that lesson that used to drink and he helped alot. It was really powerful. Then his whole family came to church last sunday without us going to get them! It was a great surprise when they all showed up. then another family showed up too! So we had two families there. it was awesome.
Anywho... Besides that, not much cool went on this week. Next week I wont write until tuesday because we have our chirstmas party on tuesday so ill talk to yall then! and we can skype home on the 25th, so we´ll ahve to figure out times and stuff to do that.. But yeah! I gotta find a family that has a webcam to do the call ha. Or a family with internet in general ha.
Well thats all folks!
Elder Harrison

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