Sunday, January 4, 2015

12/01/2014 My first Born Son!!! and Turkey Day

Yup. I have a son now. His name is Elder Haymond. Hes from Arizona. and hes awesome. We are having just too good of a time.
I forgot to say what BOSS means haha.
Like we met him, and from the point we met him he was baptized as soon as he could be baptized. It was cool.
Are you guys going to send me fudge?
cuz I want fudge.
Or you can send me the recipe because we have a stove and I think thats all we need to make it right? I wanna give my son a good Christmas.

So we couldnt find a turkey.. So we bought a whole chicken instead! and 4 tacos de sibera! Which are like tacos with cheese, chicken, and guacamole. So we went pretty hard on the chicken haha.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!
Elder Harrison


Im a father now.
Its pretty sweet haha.
My newbies name is Elder Haymond and he is awesome! Hes from Arizona, 18, and graduated in 2014! which is 2 years after I graduated haha. Which is toootally wierd!
But yeah It was awesome to be in the trainers meeting before we got our companions, because all the other trainers were like ex zone leaders and assistants to the president, and it made me feel awesome to be there with all of them. Since President realized that putting everyone as a trainer for fun wasnt a good idea because alot of missionaries werent getting trained, hes been putting like all the zone leaders down to train. and other trainers that have trained like a bunch of times already. It was cool. I feel special haha
Anyways my comp had a super intersting first week! haha
So the family of the grandma that I planched the other day was a tad upset and said they werent going to let Renata come to church for the moment because she had been acting out and being disrespectful to her grandma. So that kinda ticked me off because theyre members and they like dont understand the importance of going to church and theyre using it as a punishment. But then we saw Renata a few days later and she said that her mom was really sick. So we went and grabbed a member and gave her a blessing. She said it was the first blessing that she has recived in her whole life. The spirit was soooo powerful. It was awesome. Her attitude changed and Im thinking that this following sunday theyre going to come again. We passed the family off to the bishop saying that there wasnt really anything else that we could do to help them, but that wed be around if there was. He said hed start sending people from the ward and see if they have more progress than us.
After we gave the blessing the cranky grandma from last week was outside the house so I went and talked to her and apologized for my attitude and she said that after this sunday they wouldnt miss any more church sooo... Im pretty sure my words got to her. 
More than that, yesterday was a funny day. We went to pick up an investigator to take him to church, and there he was sitting out front of his house, and he was drunk as a skunk. I asked if he had drunk and he said no, but as he got up he had a bottle hidden behind his back. I was surpised with how functional he was after all the beer. Because the bottles are pretty big bottles here haha.
So we took him to church anyways haha. Sat him down in the back and just let him sit there. It wasnt as bad as I thought it was gonna be, and he brought one of his kids with him so that was good. We said that we´d go by later to talk to him after church, with a brother from the ward named Hermano Zavala. Who is the ward mission leader. He brought his guitar and we went around giving a christmas message to evryone! It was super powerful! He sang a song and then we read out of Luke when christ was born and then we explained the spirit and christmas and the atonement and it was just awesome! We went to our drunk friends house and he wasnt there but his wife was and we talked to her and she let us come in and give our message to her. The spirit was super strong and even when Drunk Raymundo came in (our investigator) the spirit wasnt completely abolished and we were able to invite her and her niece to baptism and she said yes! and she said that shes going to help her husband stop drinking so that he can be baptised too!! It was like the first time ive seen interest from her and she wants to be baptized now! It was like the most awesome lesson ever!
For thanksgiving we bought a chicken, that was awesome. and 4 chicken tacos. so we went hard on the chicken that day haha.
So yeah it was an awesome week!
Anyways thats the highlights from the week!
I love you all and hope you have a good week!
Elder Harrison

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