Sunday, January 4, 2015

11/20/2014 MAS!!!

So this past week was great! We had a baptism and it was a super good and cool experience! Adrian asked me to baptize him as well, sooo that was sweet. He told me that he wanted me to hold him under for a bit longer and let him enjoy the water, so I did and he came out all smiley and it was great.
I want you all to know that the pants I wore were size 30 pants! Which is cray because i was at like 34 when I was in the MTC. and my temple pants are size 36 soo... Yeah.. Ive lost alot of weight here. 

Adrian told us that hes going to another city called Pachuca to work for a couple months with his family, and he asked us where he copuld find a chapel and then how he could share the gospel with his family! He really wants his family to be baptized as well! My companion couldnt really think of anything, so we asked Adrian to say a prayer and ask Heavenly Father for help to know what to do. As he was saying the prayer, ´´Family History´´ popped into my mind and as soon as he ended the prayer We talked about that. The spirit was really strong and I promised him that if he would study all he could about Family History and share it with his parents and get them involved in it, they would accept the Gospel. It was really cool and I know that it will come true.
I bought him a really nice pair of scriptures from the temple store as well so that he can have his own set to study and share with his family.

We went to the temple today and during the video it really hit me how happy we all must have been there in the spirit world to see Adam and Eve on the earth. It was the garuntee that we too would someday have bodies and be able to become like our father in heaven. I can only imagine our rejoicing as it all began when Adam and Eve were expulsed from the Garden of Edin and started having Children. The anticipation we all must have felt as we watched our brothers and sisters descend to the Earth! Our spiritual family were all going to have the opportunity to come and have a body, repent, be sanctified by the spirit, and come to live with our father again. We knew it was just a short time and so we committed to do our best. and we will have the eternities to remember how we did so we better do the best we can now so that we dont regret this life in the life to come!

Anyways. It was a good week. I tried making empanadas one day wih hotdog and tuna. But it ended up just being a hotdog with a burnt bready helmet on it haha. I still have lots to learn about cooking.

Love you all!
Elder Harrison

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