Thursday, April 17, 2014

4/14/14 Semana semana semana

Hey there fambam
So this week was a big struggle.
All of our appointments fell through. It was hot. We walked like a thousand miles, and we argued with a testigo de Jehova. Freaking testigos.
However! This week was a great learning experience! I realized that I need to kinda suck it up when we dont have a good day and try anyways! So we had loooots of contacting time this week. and Im hoping that from that we´ll be able to find some people to teach from that. Because our supple of people to teach is dwindling.
I probably should have know that It was gonna be a tough week. I prayed for trials last sunday. I dont know why I keep doing that haha.
I gave a blessing to a woman in the word on monday or tuesday. It was cool doing it in spanish because I could feel when the lord was taking control because the spanish always got alot better. She has lots of problems with her feet and circulation or something, and so I blessed her to be healed by her faith. We talked to her at the end of the week and she said that she had gone to the doctor, and when he checked her feet he said that her circulation was perfect, and that it was a miracle. So yeah that was pretty cool to be a tool in the Lords hand.
I realized that its time for me to read the Old Testiment again, because all them pastores and masters of religion be trying to contend, and I know that I planch them right out with the old testiment.
We have an investigator that is going to invite his pastor on friday to meet with us. If we´re not able to make any progress with them then, then I think we´re going to drop them.
I climbed the Monterrey this morning. Monterrey means mountain king, and we done climbed the mountain this morning, so I think that makes me King of the Monterrey. Which makes me king of this mission right? Boom. 
Soooo it is hot here! and its just getting warmed up! I have no idea what im gonna do during the summer! Because I think that I just might die. I guess it sits at about 120 all summer. and in humidity with pants and a white shirt that makes it well.... alot more.
If anyone has anti heat remidies, that would be splendid!
We had interviews with our president on thursday, that was good, he just kinda asked if everything was good and had a companion interview where he set some goals for us and let us go.
However, his wife did buy me a box of costco chocolate chip cookies, which are currently sitting in the fridge awaiting thier time to be consumed. :D
Anywho, that was kinda it for this week! not alot of progress with investigators or really anything, but we´re trying!
Love you fam
Elder Harrison

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