Saturday, March 29, 2014

March 27, 2014 This delicious taco thing here called campachanas

Sooo I keep getting stuck with the computer that cant access my camera.. So sorry for the lack of pics the past two weeks. Monday! we´ll hope for monday!

So the past week and a half have been really good. 
I went on two sets of spilts. One with the companion of our new DL, and one with the Senior Companion Zone Leader. The first splits was with an elder named Elder Bravo from Mexico City. He´s from my generation, and probably one of my favorite people in the mission. We went nuts. It felt like the first time that I was allowed to be alone at home without parents, but this time, my Mexican brother was there too and we just partied the whole time.

Well.... We worked a little bit too.

Theres this delicious taco thing here called campachanas, which is like a super thin tortilla with half a cow inside. Lots of meat. and we were hungry so we ordered some.. But we couldnt decide how many. So we settled on an even 16. It was like the best night of my life haha. I don´t think that anyone has ever ordered 16 compachanas from that store before. But let me tell ya, my bowels were definitely not happy the next morning haha.

The second splits was with the Senior Comp of the Zone leaders, named Elder Soto. Hes from Mexico city too. I learned a lot from him, and he said that I was doing surprisingly well for how long I have in the mish. I was like.. well duh. I´m awesome haha.

So their house has two other elders living in it, because their house like broke. Toilet exploded, fan exploded, lights exploded, and the shower wont drain. So now their living with the ZL´s until they can fix the house or move elsewhere. 

So yeah that was a good time to have all four of us in a dinky little apartment.

But yeah not really much else has happened. I planched a few families, and we got another baptism date! so we should have two baptisms in a row in a couple weeks! Wooohooo! Gonna get my feet wet!

Also we got to go to the temple in Monterrey today. All in spanish, and this time I understood everything! which was awesome. I actually kinda like it better in Spanish, because they have different ways of showing respect, and its easier to see the symbolism in spanish.

Sooo Mothers day in Mexico is different than Mothers day in the US. So yall should get work off for May 10 and the 11th... Which I think is mothers day. and if you could all somehow be in the same place... Well that would be an awesome birthday gift :)

Anywho, I hope you´re all doing well! 
Love you Family!
Elder Harrison

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