Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10, 2014 A tour of Life after death and Dry Underware

¡Hola Familia! 

How are yall? This week was pretty good.

We had a cool experience with an activity that we did on saturday with the plan of salvation.

We decorated the rooms in our chapel to represent the different parts of the plan of salvation. We took groups on tours of it, starting from the side door of the chapel, to outside where we talked about faith and repentance, then through two pairs of doors, the first representing baptism, that was covered with blue paper, and the other representing baptism by the holy ghost, or by fire, which was covered with orange paper. After this we tied a rope from the door to a tree in the back of the chapel that the people had to close their eyes and walk along, signifying the iron rod. I was tempting people and I got one woman to let go of the rod. I shouted ¨aaah tentacion!¨and she like yelped and jumped back on the rod haha. So funny. After that we had spirit paradise and spirit prison. In the paradise was a small white room with light and white seats. In the prison was the baptismal font and darkness except for where the font was. There we taught about who goes to the prison and the only way to get the light is by vicarious baptisms for the dead and stuff.

Then we had all the kingdoms and stuff for the degrees of glory.

The telestial had stars all hanging from the ceiling, and there was no light. The Terrestre had more light and was a bit more comfy looking. And the Celestial was super bright, and clean and had white chairs all over and white balloons on the ground. 
It reminded me of the temple to be honest.

We had a man come that we hadnt met before with a member of the ward. He has some kind of palsy so he can´t walk very well. So we took him on a special tour by himself after the other groups had gone through. 
When we entered into the celestial kingdom with him it was awesome. The spirit like blasted us and I hadnt seen the room yet so it was really cool to see how the sisters in the ward had done it.
There was this awesome peace in the room and we talked about the glories and how god wants us to come to this kingdom and live with him forever. 
I was feeling the spirit super strong, and so I invited him to be baptized so that he could recieve this glory and his body could be made whole again after this life.
He tooootes said yes.
Nailed it.

So that was really cool, and definitely a miracle.

It started raining that same night super hard, and I realized that in that very morning I had put all my clothes out to dry...
and hadn´t brought them back in.

Thus I accepted my fate of having to wear the same garmets the next day. However a man from the ward gave us a ride home and his son told me to pray and have faith. At first I was like no thats silly, but then I remembered that God is God and he can do whatever he wants. So I said a quick prayer in my mind that my clothes would be dry.

and it came to pass that when Elder Harrison went down unto his house, and had retreated to the back side of his house to retrieve his clothes, he thinking that they would be sodden with the rain that has torrented ferociously, it came to pass that his clothes were not wet, but were dry, and sore a drop of water had fallen upon them.
Thus it came to pass that Elder Harrison was astounded and after collecting his clothes, went and thanked his God for the glorious miracle which had occured.

Yeah that was super cool.

So not much went on besides that this week. I´ve started taking more initiative in the lesson and things, and taking more control of what we do. Because I don´t know what the comp is thinking half the time, but I want to have success and im not going to let anything stop me.

I Love you Fam! I miss you too! 

Have a good week! Cling to the Iron Rod!

Love Elder Harrison

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