Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 03, 2014

My week was good.
My companion and I began to get along better. I understand more spanish, and we met a few new people to teach.

I had the opportunity to go on splits with our district leader on friday, hes an american too, so that was super awesome haha. I got to talk in English!! But he brought me along to a few lessons and I got to see how he teaches, which was nice to see how a someone thats been here for a while does it. He teaches more on what we need to teach for the investigators and not from the pamphlets, which im starting to dislike a lot haha. The pamphlets distract me too much when im trying to teach.

Hes from Orem and graduated the same year as me, he just decided to go on his mission first instead of college.

This was a super great blessing, because I realized that when im good friends with my companion, cancelled appointments and hot days dont bother me as much, because were both out there teaching the gospel and having a great time doing it. So ive been trying hard to be better friends with my companion since then. 

Since my splits with him, ive been taking more initiative in teaching and contacting. I find that when im in control of the conversation im able to understand better and can teach better.

We had a funny experience the other day. We were searching for a reference named Juani that we had recieved, and so we thought we found the house and knocked and asked if Juani was there, the lady came out and we talked a bit and she said she had never talked to the missionaries before, turns out her neighbor is named Juani too, and thats who we talked to haha.

But she ended up inviting us in and we taught her a lesson and she invited us back.

The lord works in funny ways.

So yeah not really much happened this week. Im just trying to learn the language better and be more happy! Also I get to go ice skating today, which is pretty cool, so ill tell yall about that next week,

Love you fam!
Elder Harrison

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