Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014 Blue eyes and yellow hair


So this week was pretty good. I went on splits again with Elder Erekson, in my area so I was in charge. Which was awesome, cuz I love being in charge. Then we had a zone conference where we learned how to more effectively teach prayer, and how to contact more effectively. They set new goals for us, to have 60 lessons a week and a baptism every weekend! Which is crazy here because we have to wait five weeks to baptize anyone.. Which means thats we´ll be doing lots of contacting to reach the goal!!
I figure the goal is inspired of God, we were called by God to be here, so who is there that could reach those goals better than us right? Faaaaith! Yeah I got it.

Elder Aguilar and I had our first companionship inventory on friday, which is when we just open up to the other companion and tell them problems weve been having. WEre supposed to do them every week but We havent so this was the first one. aaaaand I let it all go haha. It was actually really good and now that he knows how ticked I was at him the first few weeks and how badly I want to work super hard, we actually get along better and have been having lots more success with our investigators.

That night we had a really cool experience. We were on our way back from a service activity, when Elder Aguilar got super thirsty. So we stopped to get Agua. AKA juice because errbody calls juice agua here. and when we were leaving the store we here this ¨hola chicos¨ from behind us. So we stop and look, and this young pregnant woman was walking behind us. We stopped and talked to her and she asked if we were busy, we said nope, that we had no plans that night, which was true, because sometimes were really bad at planning haha. She asked us how she could have tranquility in her heart. WE were super surprised by the question, because this usually doesnt happen to us.

We began to tell her that we were missionaries of christ when she said that she already knew all of that, and wanted to know how she could have peace in her life. So we skipped the usual shpeal and started talking about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how its God´s plan for us to be free of guilt and bad feelings from our hearts, and its the plan to give us peace in this life. We went over the five steps in the Gospel and how to live it. Namely, Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Baptism by fire, or by the Holy Ghost, and Perservering to the End. We focused on the Holy Spirit, and how its the comforter and can give us peace in this life.

We talked for a while and we got her address so we could visit her later. It ends up that she lives in the area next to ours that is about to be a new Hermana Area, which will be awesome by the way, cause Hermanas kick butt. So she doesnt live in our area, which is a bummer, but is ok.

Before she left, I felt that we should all say a prayer, so we walked to the side walk under a street light, because it was night, and I said the prayer. The spirit was super strong, and Elder Aguilar had the impression to give her a blessing for comfort, and for protection. She had told us earlier that she has this crazy husband that hits her and her children see and she feels worried and just a bunch of bad stuff in her life.

She said that a blessing for protection was exactly what she needed, and there happened to be a members house just down the street where we could give it. So we went there and they let us in and let us use their office. 

We taught her a bit more in the office and she told us that she had talked to us on the street because when she lived in Juarez, which is a city close to here, the missionaries had done service for her, and she had felt this peace in her heart that she hasnt felt since they left her house. We told her it was the spirit and she said she felt it again now too. We told it that it was testifying to her that we are in fact missionaries of christ, and we are in fact there to help her, (I was saying this) and I said to her, ¨Hermana, yo estoy aqui para ayudar a usted.¨ Sister, I am here to help you. I was staring into her eyes, and she looked at me and gave this weird surprised smile.

I asked her what she was smiling about, and she said that she just noticed that my eyes are blue. She then told us that she had a dream a few days before, and in this dream, there was an angel with yellow hair, and blue eyes, and this angel had spoken peace to her heart. I had just spoken peace to her heart, and I had blue eyes and yellow hair. I was the angel from her dream.

Boooooosh!! That was so darn flipping cool! 

I said, yeah I got the eyes from my mom. So thanks mom! You helped solidify my angelhood! haha

But really. That was totally the most awesome thing ever.

So we finished teaching her, gave her a blessing, and told her we´d send the other elders to see her. I told the other elders that if they let her fade away I would personally punch them in the head.

I really don´t want them to forget about her haha.

So yeah that was really cool!

And basically ever since this experience Elder Aguilar and I have been killin it! So yah thats awesome.

Also that same night, a dog followed us home and so we let it stay for a day haha. I would send pics but the computer im using wont let me access my flash drive.

Anyways that was the highlight of my week! I know for a fact that this is where im supposed to be! I love you all so much!

Elder Harrison

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