Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Feb 24th 2014


I´ve been in Mexico for a while now so I figured I should write something back to all the Kids back home.

first of all.
Mexico is weird. All the stores here are like built into peoples living rooms, and I guess thats like totally ok.
To say something is cool here, one says, Que padre! Which direct translation means, That´s dad!
I find that to be kinda weird haha.

I walk alot. Like reallllly aaaaalot! Like miles upon miles errday. Which means that... I have amazing calves, and i´ve lost like a bunch of weight since being here too, so i´m just one hot stack of a missionary haha.

My house is pink. And is two stories. We have a garden in the back with an orange tree, which is actually pretty cool, the oranges are so acidic though they like destroy your mouth for hours.

So one of our investigators got arrested this week
That was random haha.
I guess he was part of the Cartel, but he was super nice and knew english and seemed interested in the gospel so that´s kind of a bummer.
We were at a members house down the street when a bunch of police trucks hauled by and stopped at his house. I guess he tried to run or resist or something, because them Mexicops beat the snot out of the dude, and now hes in the hospital.
Mexico is fun haha.

We taught a bunch this week, and had great lessons with our new investogators. We were able to commit them all to baptism for march and April, so i´m hoping all that works out. 
One of our investigators decided that she didn´t want to be baptized anymore, which really bums me out, because she would have been my first baptism, and her baptism was going to be in two weeks. But people have their agency. However I refuse to give up on her and i´m sure we´ll get her to the font eventually.

Also, this morning I killed two cockroaches in the kitchen.
I hate bugs.

Anywho I love you all! 

Elder Harrison

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