Wednesday, January 8, 2014

January 8, 2014


I've had a super great past few weeks here at the MTC. The spirit is strong everyday, and I learn and understand more Spanish everyday as well. I understand basically everything that's said to me. 

So the MTC is fun and all, but the food totally sucks. I think it has biologically changed my body. My stomach feels weird all the time. Also, they feed us three massive meals like everyday, and then we sit in classrooms for three hours until the next meal. So the food just like sits there. Since being here I have now gained a total of 25 pounds! haha, I've only been here for like three weeks. Unlimited donuts errmeal!

We get to play Volleyball everyday at 11:30, and i'm not gonna lie. I'm not too bad ha. By the end of my six weeks here I'm gonna be so good! We recently got our gym combined with another zone, so we play with these two hermanas that just kick our butts all day. They both played in high school and one threw Javelin for BYU and another played volleyball for a school in Alaska. Randomly the one that threw for BYU was super good friends with Dennis Christensen, who's mi mejor amigo, and the other one dated a guy from the Tri cities, hence proving my idea that everyone is somehow linked to the tri-cities.

Also, to add to that theory, my teacher Hermano Avila, had an uncle in my ward back in Richland. That dude made some bomb crepes.

So we just had one of our districts head out for Monterrey Mexico. They got assigned to the west side, which has like... Everything that america has, and people are super rich over there. Whereas my side, the east side, is like ghetto city. Woot! haha ;)

Anyways, they just left, and so our apartment was like a sick guys party because my entire district is Elders. So we basically just sick there and laugh and stink up the room all day. TMI? But guess what the new district we just got was? yep! all hermanas. :( Guy party ruined. They actually have a bigger district than we do too sooo.... Kinda lame. Also, our classrooms are rooms in an apartment complex that the church recently bought. So I promise we don't have Hermanas living with us haha.

So this past week I've had some really great experiences. I've been wanting to learn how to become a powerful missionary. Not just a good teacher, or a good missionary, but a powerful missionary. One that can nuke a room with the spirit. So I asked my teacher about the action aspect of faith, and he had us read a bit of the story in Ether of the brother of Jared receiving instruction from the Lord to build a boat, but that didn't really answer my question. We had a substitute teacher come and teach us after that, during the middle class block. (we have three class blocks a day, morning, after lunch, and after dinner, all 3 hours long) His name was Hermano Wolfe. We talked about being representatives about Jesus Christ and how when we teach people, they should be able to close their eyes and think that it is Jesus teaching them. It was a concept that I hadn't really thought of before. It changed my perspective on missionary work. He then gave us an assignment to pray to our Heavenly Father that night and ask for confirmation of the things that I already know to be true, and to just kinda sit there and pray and listen for a while. It was an incredible experience and I'm better because of it. 

After this experience, we had an awesome lesson on faith from my main teacher HMO Avila. That guy is so freaking smart! He let us see his notes and they singed my eyebrows a bit because they were so glorious and amazing. He taught us the difference between priesthood authority and priesthood power. The authority being the ability to give blessings and perform ordinances, and the power being a force that is available to anyone that has access to the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost bring the Power of the Priesthood to those who need it, so women and men are equally able to access it, which is really the more important part of the priesthood anyways.

Then he gave us this crazy lesson on how to use the power of the priesthood and control the elements and command people to be healed and all this other crazy stuff.

Mind. Blown.

For a how to guide on being the avatar. Check my notes.

Any who, Gospel is true, the church is lead by a real Prophet, and I am overly stoked to be a missionary! :D

Also, feel free to send me letters... Cause I like letters. and if you write me letters I'll be able to write more personal messages and I just really like letters. 

So send me those. :)

I beg you.
We didn't get mail for like three days straight last week.

Kay luvz you all bye

Elder Harrison

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