Wednesday, January 29, 2014

January 29, 2014

Hello Everyone,

This week was just dandy.

To begin with, my companion, elder Parks, had a birthday on Saturday, so I did what any good companion would do. I bought us matching red loofahs. Holla! haha. His mom sent him two matching ties for us to wear on Sunday. So we looked pretty snazzy. Also she sent him like a whole freaking red velvet cake, which was awesome, and of which gave me a bit of a stomach ache. #worthit

On Sunday, we took care of all our Sunday Zone leader duties right away in the morning, which left us with an entire 3 1/2 hour block after lunch with nothing to do.. So we went and studied. 
That's a lie.
We went back to our apartment and took like a 3 hour nap. It was probably the best Sunday I've had here so far haha.
Straight from lunch to dinner.
No wonder I'm getting fat.
Also on Sunday there was a devotional...
yeah that was cool.

Monday we perfected the B.O.S.S. baptism door approach. Baptize On Second Sunday = BOSS. Elder Parks and I totally nailed it, and I'm pretty sure that we'll be able to use it a lot on actual investigators. Also, on Monday four of the six elders in our district had to go get Visas. Elder Miles and Elder Ellis went to Boise, and ended up staying till Wednesday. Side note, they randomly met Mitt Romney in the SLC airport haha. Elder Tippetts had to get his Visa in Salt Lake City, but didn't have anyone in our district to go with, so Elder Steffenson went with him. I guess he wasn't supposed to bring a friend because there wasn't enough tickets, and the travel leader had to buy her own ticket, but the MTC reimbursed her I'm pretty sure so it should be alright. All the bus drivers were confused because there were only supposed to be 20 missionaries haha. 

Tuesday was P-day Eve, which is always a good day. We only have one teacher and then we have devo that night, so the day goes by really fast. 

Then we have today. We woke up and tried to get our laundry done really fast in time to catch the bus to the temple, but then ended up missing the bus. Then we ended up missing the next bus. Luckily we made the third, but didn't really have time to do much there since we were over an hour late. It was still pretty cool though.
After the temple we went to this cheese steak place out at Brighams landing, which is a strip mall by the West Campus of the MTC. Mm mm gewd.
This guy came up to us on our walk back and told us to stop in at subzero, which is some kind of ice cream place, and talk to a guy that had just came from Costa Rica to learn about subzero. I guess he's planning on opening a bunch of them in Costa Rica. So we went in and talked for a bit. I toooootally put my hand in liquid nitrogen. It was sick. 

So I head out to Mexico on Monday! Soooo if any of y'all want to send me anything.. make sure it's here by Friday night. Because they don't deliver mail on weekends.
Also, packages and letters take a while to get to Mexico, and half the time won't make it to me. But to increase the chances of me receiving your mail, put stickers of the virgin Mary on it. Everybody in Mexico is religious, and will feel bad if they steal a package with the virgin Mary on it. She's kind of like the Patron of Mexico. 

Well I'm learning a lot, and i'm so excited to go to Mexico! 

Enjoy the bathroom selfy pic with one of the districts that left recently

Elder Harrison

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