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Feb 17, 2014
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Elder Aguilar and I had a cool experience this last week with a woman we contacted on the street. We walked by and I noticed her and her mother sitting outside her house as she was crying. We walked by, and as we crossed the street I had the impression that we should stop and offer her a blessing. So I told Elder Aguilar and we turned around and stopped and talked to her. I asked if everything was alright and said that if they would like that we could give a blessing. The mother straight away got up and brought us two chairs to sit in and we sat and talked for a while about her life and taught a little bit about the savior and faith. After she had calmed down a bit I asked her if she felt the calm good feeling that pervaded our conversation. She said yes, and I explained about the spirit and after we leave she won´t be able to feel it the same as when we are here. I explained that she could have it always by being baptized, and then I invited her to be baptized. I have no idea what she said after that. But Elder Aguilar explained later that she said something along the lines of she was baptized as a little girl, and felt that was enough. I´m bummed I didn´t understand what she said because I would have explained the priesthood and all that good stuff and I´m sure she would have chosen to be baptized. 
So i´ll take it as a maybe.
Afterwards we got her details and found that this was her mothers house and she lived in a different area. So in our nightly report I told Elder Erekson, My district Leader, about it and he said he´ll try to speed along the missionaries in her area and hopefully they are able to teach her. Before we left we asked if she still wanted a blessing, and she said yes, and we went inside and gave her a blessing. Her whole family was there and I know they had to have felt the spirit, the younger daughter was crying, the mom was super happy and the daughter we´d been talking to was in a much better mood. We set up appointments with the family to come back and teach so I really hope something good comes from that.
Anyways, that was awesome.

K love you all I have exactly 1 minute left in my session so I hope you all know I love you and have a good week!

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